Commercial Architecture Services in Saint Charles

ibds, P.C. is a premier architecture firm specializing in the commercial sector. Our project history includes multi-million-dollar projects in both foreign and domestic locations. Our team of licensed commercial architects provides an unparalleled level of collaboration and communication to the table in order to craft cutting-edge buildings of distinction.

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Comprehensive Architectural Services

Our firm is a fast-growing, full-service architecture firm that caters to a diverse clientele across the commercial sector. Over the years, we've worked on new builds and renovation projects near and far. We believe part of the reason we've earned our reputation in the industry is that our talents extend to every division of architecture. A brief overview of the many architectural services we offer includes:

  • Project conceptualization
  • Blueprint planning
  • Feasibility studies
  • Budget management
  • Sustainable design evaluation
  • 3D modeling
  • Contract preparation

The above list is by no means exhaustive. We perform a complete suite of architectural services, and the examples featured here are only the beginning of what we can do.

Meet Your Architect

Book a One-On-One Consultation

To build the foundation of a successful working relationship, we like to meet with our clients one-on-one during a no-obligation consultation. This introduction gives us a chance to acquaint ourselves with your project's unique specifications and allows you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with our company and values.

Together, we'll establish the basic requirements and vision for your building's program. We'll walk you through other relevant pre-design services and research, explaining how we can bring all your ideas together into a schematic design. Rest assured, our process is a highly collaborative one. We work closely with our clients to deliver a personalized service right from the outset.

If you need an architect, we invite you to book a meeting with us.

State-of-the-Art Commercial Design Services

We've invested heavily in our firm's computer software and design technology to deliver unrivaled precision and speed. You can rest assured knowing that your files are safe and secure as we use only the most advanced document transfer platforms and programs to protect your information. What's more, you'll appreciate the high-quality results of our top-of-the-line modeling and prototyping CAD programs.

Time-Sensitive Commercial Design

We recognize that the construction industry operates with strict time deadlines. One brief delay in one phase can pose a significant delay in subsequent phases. For a successful concept-to-completion timeline, it's essential that every part of the chain of events is executed error-free and on-time. That's what we pledge to do. You'll find a detailed time outline in our proposed contract. Then, we'll meet all those time commitments as promised. It's as simple as that.

Contact Saint Charles' Top Architect

ibds, P.C. exists to make your new-build a budget-friendly, compliant, and timely one. We leverage years of experience to provide a full suite of architectural services uniquely catered to the commercial industry.

To learn more about how we can assist you, we invite you to schedule a one-on-one consultation with us.