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ibds, PC (Integrated Building Design Services) has completed hundreds of home designs around the St. Louis area and specializes in space planning, exterior design, 3D visualization and construction documentation for custom home construction. Most of the homes ibds, PC designs are contemporary homes but we are also well versed in multiple design styles including antebellum, prarie, pacific lodge and modern styles to name a few. Contemporary design utilizes many different styles but seeks to express the many styles in a modern way. This includes the use of current design methods, materials and trends. Context is also important to contemporary designers and many times the surrounding architecture is pulled into the design so that the design fits its surroundings.


Antebellum Residence 1

Detached Garages

Detached Garage 1


Modern Residence 1

Modern Residence 2

New Covered Porch

Pacific Lodge

Pacific Lodge Residence 1

Residence Remodels

Residence Remodel 1


Shed-House Residence 1

Summer Homes

Summer Home 1


Traditional Residence 1

Traditional Residence 2

Traditional Residence 3

Traditional Residence 4

Traditional Residence 5